The Merchant and the Genie


Once upon a time, a wealthy merchant travelled through a desert, with some biscuits and dates, and decided to rest beside a fountain. After having his biscuits and dates, he washed his face and hands in the fountain. Suddenly, there arose a terrible voice. A furious, enormous genie cried, “Arise! You have killed my son. I shall kill you.”

The merchant unintentionally had killed his son while throwing the stones of dates on the ground. The genie did not show any mercy despite several requests and raised his scimitar to cut off his head…

Shenerazade stopped, and sought the Sultan’s permission to continue the following night if he granted her to live another day. The next morning, the Sultan asked her to end her story first.

The merchant requested the genie to allow him to bid his family farewell, and return after one year.

The merchant returned after one year. Three old men stopped by to hear his story and decided to stay back. The genie appeared and raised his sword. The old man leading the hind, begged him to hold his rage and listen to his story in order to decide the third part of the punishment. The genie agreed.

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