Yavakrida’s Death

Thus warning him against pride, Bharadwaja told his son to show proper respect to Raibhya. Heedless of the warning, one day Yavakrida attacked the beautiful daughter-in-law of Raibhya. When Raibhya heard of it, he created a beautiful maiden and a demon and asked them to kill Yavakrida. The beautiful maiden went up to Yavakrida who was doing a yajna and ran away with the water jug. The demon came to attack him with a spear. Yavakrida could not recite mantras without washing himself, but the water jug was missing. He ran for his life, but the demon finally killed him. Suddenly, he realized that Yavakrida had died because of his own sins. ‘I should not have cursed Raibhya,’ thought the sage. Unhappy and guilty, he chose to die.

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