Medhavi’s Pride

Yavakrida began to study and soon became known for his knowledge and learning. His father, Bharadwaja, warning him against vanity, told him Medhavi’s story. Sage Baladhi, grieving for his dead son, did penance to get a son who would never die. The gods told him that everyone dies, but he could ask for the period for which he wanted his son to live. Baladhi asked that his son should live as long as the mountain before him. The gods blessed him and so Medhavi was born. Medhavi knew all about the boon, so he became very vain and conceited. He was safe as long as the mountain was there. One day, he insulted Sage Dhanushaksha who cursed him to turn into ashes. But the curse was ineffective. The sage, recalling the boon to Medhavi, turned himself into a bull and butted the mountain till it broke. With its collapse, Medhavi died.

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