Yahya Bin Khalid, the Barme­cide and the Poor Man

Yahya bin Khalid, the Barmecide, was once coming back from the palace of the Caliph to his mansion. As he entered inside, a man waiting for him arose and said that he was in need of what Yahya had in his possession and took the Allah’s name.

Immediately Yahya ordered the man to be given a royal place to stay in comfort and the choicest of food as he pleased. Apart from this, he called the treasurer to give the man one thousand dirhams daily.

The man enjoyed the hospitality of Yahya and kept collecting the money every day. After one month of his stay in the mansion of Yahya, he had accumulated thirty thousand dirhams and thinking that Yahya might not allow him to go with such a huge amount, quietly left the mansion without anybody’s knowledge.

When Yahya came to know of this, he did not hold any grudge against the man simply because he possessed noble qualities and was kind-hearted. Hence, he was praiseworthy among many poets.

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