Mohammed Al-Amin and the Slave-Girl

Jaafar Musa Al-Hadi had a slave-girl called Al-Badr Al-Kabir who played upon the flute greatly and was, in fact, perfect in every discipline one could think of.

Mohammed Al-Amin, the son of Zubaidah, requested Jaafar to sell her to him. Jaafar clarified he never intended to sell off his slave-girls or set prices on them.

A few days later, Mohammed paid a visit to Jaafar’s house to make merry and offered Al-Badr Al-Kabir to delight him with a song. When he became fully drunk along with Jaafar and others, he took her to his own house but did not lay his finger on her.

The next morning he invited Jaafar to his house and set wine before him, and made the girl sing to him behind the curtain. But Jaafar immediately recognized her voice and became angry, but did not show his anger and kept mum.

When they were having their last peg, Mohammed ordered his servants to fill the boat with jewels and money worth twenty thousand dirhams, till the boatmen cried that the boat couldn’t hold more. Thus, he told them to bring this all to Jaafar’s palace.

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