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By the age of 5-6 years, kids should have learnt how to hold the pencil correctly. Motor activities to build hand-eye coordination will help in improving the grip of your child while holding the pencil. Preparatory skills like cutting and pasting should be practised regularly.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a child to grip earlier than others because of fine motor development. Some ways can help your child in developing a grip in holding a pencil over time. Such ways may also help in improving handwriting and coordination skills over time.

However, there is a beautifully designed pencil writing tool for toddlers, to improve the grip of the fingers while holding a pencil or a pen.

This will not only improve the grip but will also help in improving the handwriting of the toddlers.

The finger muscles are developed slowly and steadily increasing the firmness of the hands of the toddlers. But some children may struggle in holding a pencil properly due to one reason or the other. To help your child, in holding the pencil correctly, there is a beautifully designed writing tool, known as a “Pencil grip” which is solely made for aiding kids in holding the pencil righteously.

This habit of holding the pencil in a wrongful manner should be corrected at an early stage itself before it gets too late to be known as a “habit”.

Many children face shaming in front of the whole class by their teachers that they still don’t know how to hold a pencil properly.

To avoid facing such harassment by your little ones, it is always better to practice how to write in their early years of growth and development.

Reasons Why Toddlers Hold The Pencil Wrong:-

1.       Lesser motor development activities in their early years

2.       Decreased strength of the fingers

3.       Bad habit of holding the pencil wrong which is not corrected often by parents and teachers.

4.       Decreased hand endurance

5.       Decreased hand coordination

6.       Decreased shoulder stability

The Pencil Writing Tools For Kids and Preschoolers

1. The Pencil Grip Classics

  • The Pencil Grips were designed by a doctor & are widely used in classrooms, at home, & in therapeutic settings. The unique shape is designed to be “one size fits all” to help the hands of kids & adults, & works for both righties & lefties.
  • Hand Grippers: These pencil assists can be used as a training tool, and then permanently for added comfort. The Pencil Grip fits on pencils, primary pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint brushes, etc., so its benefits can be widely enjoyed.
  • A comfortable hand has more control and shows improved handwriting. These colorful grips guide the hand into an ergonomic position. They relieve hand pain, reduce fatigue, and improve comfort.
  • Its unique, patented design gently encourages the fingers and hand to rest in the proper position for gripping – The Tripod Grip. These hand grips feel natural because of its ergonomic design and soft, flexible, latex-free material.
  • The Pencil Grip is the original ergonomic writing aid. Writing becomes easy and natural. The Pencil Grip improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue. This pack contains 3 colorful pencil grips.

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2. Epsilon 4 Pcs Pencil Grips Posture Correction Tools for Preshoolers

This beautifully designed pencil writing tool for toddlers will help them in forming the grip and will aid them in holding the pencil correctly.

It is made up of silicon and is designed in such a way that those little fingers won’t be suffocated in long run.

They are available in several colours like blue, pink, green and orange. Kids can choose whatever colour they like.

It is a very helpful and brilliant tool designed with the sole perspective of helping and supporting toddlers.

This “pencil grip” will also help your child in writing the letters carefully resulting in better writing skills and good handwriting.

How To Use The Tool:-

There are two finger pockets on either side of the pencil, one made for the thumb and the other for the index finger.

The pencil is inserted into a pencil grip and kids will eventually hold the pencil-like they are supposed to hold ordinarily even without a pencil grip.


-This pencil grip will provide extra- stability to the little fingers.

-The fingers are placed in a pinching position and there is only one space left for the middle finger along with the ring finger to balance the pencil.

This will develop the right habit of holding the pencil correctly.

-It is designed is such a manner that little fingers won’t get heated up and there is enough ventilation.

-It is made up of silicone and hence it is a soft and safe product for kids use.

Other Uses:-

It can be used by adults as well. It is not only used by kids but even adults who require a little extra support and stability due to any disease or tremor like neurological disease may buy this product. Those people who are suffering from Arthritis can also buy this product for decreased pressure on the hand. This can be purchased for aiding purposes as well.

Usage in schools:-

This pencil grip should be used in classrooms as well so that the teachers may spend time teaching other things of use to the children other than spending half of their time teaching the kids how to hold the pencil correctly. It should be practised at home as well so that it becomes easier for the child to concentrate on studies and other activities rather than focusing on gripping a pencil.


Your child may be left-handed or right-handed. The pencil grip writing tool is designed carefully and can be used by both types of users. It can also be used by left-handed children.

Parents and teachers who are right-handed may find it difficult to aid their children as to how to hold the pencil correctly when their kid is a left-handed person. This tool will help your children in holding the pencil properly, no matter if your child is a right-handed person or a left-handed person.

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Holding a pencil properly is a basis for “how to write properly”. Writing can be a challenging task for your little ones, especially when it comes to cursive handwriting. The formation of the letters requires more focus, coordination and strength as compared to other exercises. It requires hand-eye coordination.

Holding a pencil requires a balance of all the fingers in the right position. This can be more challenging to some kids as compared to others who have good motor skill development. Even if your child has fine motor development, you need not worry! These pencil tools will help your child in coping up with the bad habit of holding the pencil incorrectly. They will help in improving the grip and your child will not struggle anymore. Soon, with the help of this tool, he will be able to hold the pencil correctly.

More and more practise with the help of this tool, will make your kids, write better and in a comfortable manner. They will also improve their writing skills. These tools can also be used if a child does not have good handwriting. They will improve their handwriting using this tool.

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