Wild Goose


Once upon a time, two hunters went hunting. They saw a wild goose flying overhead. Immediately, one of the hunters placed an arrow in his bow. He aimed it at the goose. He said, “That goose will make a fine stew.” “Stew!” said the second one. “It would be far better to roast it.” “Stewed!” said the first hunter, as he put down his arrow. “Roasted!” replied the other. They continued arguing for hours. Finally, they decided to go to their clan leader to decide the best way to cook that goose.

The leader settled the argument by suggesting that whenever they caught the goose, half should be used for the stew and the other half roasted. That way, the needs of both would be met. The two hunters were pleased with the leader’s suggestion and went out to shoot the wild goose. But by that time, the goose had flown away.

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