Never Too Late to Mend


Once, there was a shepherd who kept a flock of sheep in a sheepfold. One morning, he went to the sheepfold and discovered that one of his sheep was missing. He looked at the sheepfold and found a hole in it. So, he thought that the wolf must have sneaked in and carried away the sheep. His neighbour suggested to him, “You should fix the sheepfold and cover the hole immediately.”

But the shepherd said, “The sheep is already lost. So, there is no use of fixing it now.” The next morning, another sheep was missing. The wolf had again stolen the sheep through the hole. The shepherd regretted very much for not listening to his neighbour’s advice. He thought, ‘It’s never too late to mend.’ He mended the hole immediately. From then on, the wolf did not come and no more sheep were stolen.

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