Why Fairy Tales Are Important For Children – 8 Reasons

Fairy Tales Are Important To Childhood

“Why did one frog keep trying and the other left trying, mamma?” asked little Gauri after her mother read her the story of “Two frogs with the same problem”.

Two frogs had fallen into a well while passing through the forest. The rest of their mates told them that all their efforts to come out would go in vain as the well was very deep. One of the frogs got discouraged and left trying and eventually died, but the other continued his efforts and succeeded.

The mother softly replied “He was deaf Gauri. He could not hear his mates’ discouragements and thought they were encouraging him. This kept him going! It can happen with us also. If we pay heed to discouragements, we would end up like the frog who stopped trying and eventually lose. However, if we keep trying, we will succeed no matter what others say.

As the above story depicts, fairy tales are important to childhood. They play an important role and none can deny the lasting impact that they leave on us as adults. They encourage them to take the first step. They whisper in their ears to go ahead with your goals and don’t listen to others. And the childhood stories with morals help children grow smarter and socially fit.

Stories about fairies are usually called fairy tales. Every tale has a moral and at an age when our mind grasps new concepts of life, it becomes the best time to teach morals, etiquettes, and skills to your child. This can be done in a fun manner by reading fairy tales to your kids.

As per research, reading makes kids more intelligent. It doesn’t just make them seem more intelligent; reading creates new neural connections in a child’s brain by stimulating the growth of new neurons as they imagine the world the writer has put on paper. And it has been a motivation for a lot of parents to keep trying to make their child a reader.

So, it is no doubt that reading fairy tales makes babies and children smarter, as the more children read, the greater their understanding of all things become. Here are some reasons why they become smart.

Why Fairy Tales Are Important For Children

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2. They Help Kids to Build A Rich Vocabulary

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Reading helps build vocabulary and introduces to the child the various usages of words. Apart from learning day to day words, a child also learns expressions and sentence formation which otherwise requires a lot of time to cultivate. In fact, this is done in a fun way, which keeps their concentration for a long time.

2. Fairy Tales Give First Impression of The World

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A child has little knowledge of the world and these fables and fairy tales leaves the first impression of the world on them. It weaves good and bad people in an encapsulating plot thus helping a child distinguish right from wrong.

3. Enhances Child’s Imaginative Ability

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It helps the child to develop their imaginative ability. It is a time in life when your brain can be the most imaginative. Fairy tales make these babies and imagine things or science they have no clue exist. The better imaginative ability they have the smarter the kids are.

4. Enhances Creativity in Children

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Other than developing imaginative abilities in children, they also kindle creativity in them. This is possible in many ways but one such effective way is by reading fairy tales. Reading allows children to acquire knowledge in all areas of interest and life, and then use their knowledge and creativity.

5. Childhood Stories With Morals Instil Moral Values in Kids

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With thousands of books available to read, each displaying a different moral, it makes children grasp the concepts of good and evil and other shades of virtue. It helps in developing empathy and understanding, and in turn, increasing their emotional intelligence.

For example, It is through beauty and the beast children understand the concept of inner beauty. They learn basic ethics and morals that eventually become a part of their lives which they cannot separate from their identities.

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6.   Therapeutic Effects of Fairy Tales on Kids

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Children who might have gone through or are growing through traumatic situations can find solace in stories as they are magical and makes it possible for the children to redeem themselves.

7. Fairy Tales Makes Child Sensitive and coexistent

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Many fairy tales incorporate characters that are animals or plants co-existing with humans.

For example: in Cinderella, she had three rats, or in Panchatantra. Unlike real life, here, plants and animals have the means to channelise their emotions as an aftereffect of human actions. This creates sensitivity towards the environment and nature since hitherto with no voice, these beings can now fully express themselves.

8. Self-expression

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When they have better knowledge and a better understanding of the world, they are able to express themselves better and as a result of which they are confident in life. Expression is a very important trait of humans and thus proper importance should be given to it. This is another reason why fairy tales are important to childhood.


So, now you know why fairy tales are important to childhood. It becomes very important for kids to read fairy tales as it would foster inclusion, acceptance, and excitement. When children get the best start in life, the benefits gained are huge. As you can see how they instil creativity and imagination n the kids. They also are a great way to help your kids develop a better vocabulary for their academic life ahead.

So, the discussion ends here, but if you have any fairy tales books suggestions or any ideas to help children grow smarter and wiser, do let us know in the comment box below.

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