Top 5 Educational Toys For 3-Year Olds To Help Them Grow Smarter🚀

educational toys for 3years old

Are you looking for toys that will help your child in their overall growth and development while he experiences fun while playing?

There are many things one should keep in mind while purchasing a game for their child.

Choosing a game should be a wise option. Some games have educational importance while others don’t have much of it.

Games should be gender-neutral so that there is an element of equality and no injustices are ingrained in toddlers.

Games play an important role in the overall development of your child and make children more active against those who are not engaged in any of the games.

Children learn how to be socially active and learn how to communicate. They understand the role of emotions and build up self-confidence while playing games. There is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment amongst children. Moreover, parents and guardians are also satisfied if their children and learning while having fun.

Some toys are designed through which children can have fun but they won’t be able to learn anything while playing such games. Here are some games which can perform a dual role of educating your child while he experiences adventure throughout the game!

1. Design And Drill Take Along Tool Kit

This game is designed to increase the power of imagination amongst toddlers. They will get more creative while playing the game. Skills like motor, creative and thinking skills, brain-testing and coordination are required throughout the game. There are different types of tools that are provided in the kit. Using these elements, kids can work out with their imagination skills to win the game.

There are three different kinds of drill bits to which a child has to snap onto the screwdriver (which is reversible). The kit contains brightly coloured bolts which are really attractive and keep your child engaged in exercising their imagination skills. Kids can make as many designs as possible out of these given equipment’s. It has a very smart packaging style as it is available in a form of a small suitcase which makes it handy and more convenient for children to carry from one place to another.

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2. Lauri Tall-Stackers Peg

It is a fun game that includes building and construction skills. Children get so busy constructing and building the 3D structures that later do they realise that they are acquiring so many skills in this game. This kit contains attractive small pegs which are to be placed properly to create a tower and a structure of their own. This game polishes up motor skills in your child and requires hand-eye coordination throughout the game.

The child will know how to manipulate the pegs into the most beautiful structures. For this, they will need logical skills, problem-solving skills and creative skills. The child will go on to build more elaborative towers as they level up while creating the structures.

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3. Lego Duplo

This Lego game is a very creative game for toddlers who can never go out of fashion. It contains bright coloured, attractive building blocks.  It contains a wagon base, two window elements, a dog, numbered bricks and many other Duplo bricks which are of great quality.

The block material is safe to be used for your kid’s use. This game has educational importance which is hidden behind the purpose of this game. It requires creative skills and imaginative skills to build up the corresponding pictured bricks. These bricks need to match with the numbered bricks. Hence it requires thinking and matching skills resulting in overall growth and development of the motor skills.

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4. Wikki Sticks Numbers And Counting Fun Cards

This game is designed to build self-confidence in kids. It contains easy-peel paper. Wikki is used to trace the dashed lines to develop the numbers.

Wikki sticks can be easily lifted and positioned again which avoids the “mistakes” amongst children which in turn builds up self-confidence amongst children. It is a teaching tool that develops reading skills in your child. The cards can be used together to spell out the small words while the child levels up.

It contains beautiful and attractive coloured Wikki Sticks and is a fun and engaging game which is of great educational importance.

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5. Hape-Wooden Expressions

This is a game of feeling which is of utmost importance to tour child’s growth. Who thought that their child will be able to understand the concept of understanding and expressing emotions on a role-play “egg-venture”.

There is a storybook and 6 egg cups in this pack. It is an excellent game to make your child the importance of talking out what they feel. They will understand the word “emotion” while having fun.

Kids find it difficult to know what they are feeling. They will know when they are sad or happy, afraid or shy and many more emotions. They will understand the truer meaning of the feeling that they go through every day. They will learn how to talk it out and share it with the near and dear ones. The light-hearted story of Humpty-Dumpty and his cousins is a great way of making your child creative and explorer.

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Educational games are very important for developing motor skills in your children. Choosing a game wisely is very important for your toddlers as it impacts the growth of your child. Element of education and learning in games should be well considered while making a purchase. This will make your child more confident and will help in increasing their creative and imaginative skills. Your little ones will become more active and will engage themselves in healthy-fun and learning games rather than those games which have no educational importance.

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