Thigh, Knee Cap, and Lower Leg


The bones of the lower limbs are connected with the trunk by means of the pelvic girdle. The lower limb supports the body; they help to maintain balance and mobility. The part between the hip and the knee is referred as the thigh. The bone of the thigh is the femur bone, which is the largest and strongest bone in the human body. The strong thigh muscles attach to the femur and pull the femur during the movements of the hip and knee joints.

The human leg from the hip to the foot is collectively referred as lower limb or extremity.

Knee Cap

The knee cap is also called the patella. It is a flat triangular bone. It lies on the front part of the knee. The knee cap slides up and down as we flex and extend the leg. The front surface of the patella is rough. The cartilage present on the back side of the knee cap provides cushioning between the knee cap and the femur.

The knee joint is one of the main joints affected during the old age, when a person is prone to suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis.

Lower Leg

The part between the knee and the ankle is the lower leg. The two major bones forming the lower leg are the tibia and the fibula. These two bones connect the ankle bone to the knee. Tibia forms the main skeleton of the lower leg and fibula supports the muscles that balance the lower leg and the ankle. The tibia bears most of the body’s weight.

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