Thick-billed Raven

The Corvus crassirostris (scientific name) or thick-billed raven is found in mountainous and high plateau regions of Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia. 25 inches in length, the thick-billed raven has a very unique bill. Large and laterally compressed, the bill is black, with a white tip and nasal grooves. Overall the plumage is greasy glossy black, excepting the patch of white on the nape of the neck. The feathers on the head, neck and throat are extremely short. Omnivorous in diet, this bird eats human food, scraps of meat and grub, beetle larvae from dung. An average clutch has 3-5 eggs laid in a nest made of sticks. The incubation period is not known. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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