The Young King of the Black Isles


The marble man expressed his grief, “I was the son of King Mahmood, unfortunately married to a wicked cousin who actually liked a black slave. She used her magical tricks and made me into half marble.”

When the Sultan met the unfortunate prince, he was told where the slave lived. The slave was the lover of the wicked woman. The Sultan vowed to avenge the injustice of the man.

After killing the slave, he lied down pretending to be the slave. The Sultan pretending to be the slave, asked the woman to release her husband as his wails were unbearable.

Thus the woman released her husband. Eventually, the Sultan disguised as the slave lover, got all the people released of their misery.

Thereafter, he cunningly cut the cruel woman into two and brought the man back to the palace and made him Prince. The Sultan rewarded the fisherman who was the cause of the deliverance of the young prince.

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