Kalyavana and Muchukunda

King Muchukunda wanted to attain moksha (salvation) for the services he offered to the gods. The gods said, “We want to help you but we are incapable of granting moksha as it could only be granted by Lord Vishnu.” So, King Muchukunda asked the gods to grant him the boon of sleep, and whoever disturbed his sleep, should be instantaneously reduced to ashes. The gods granted Muchukunda the boon and showed him a cave where he could rest. So, king Muchukunda slept in the cave on Earth through Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga. When Kalyavana kicked Muchukunda, he opened his eyes and rays of fire emanated from his eyes. At once, Kalyavana turned into ashes. King Muchukunda who was now fully awake was blessed with the rare sighting as Lord Krishna appeared before the king in the form of Vishnu. The king was granted moksha for his devotion. Thus, Lord Krishna’s plan of destroying another demon succeeded.

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