The Woman’s Trick against her Husband

On Friday, a man brought a fish and asked his wife to cook it at the end of the congregational prayers. Saying so, he left home for business.

 A few minutes later, her friend visited her and invited her to her wedding at her house, to which she agreed but forgot the fish in the jar of water and left home for a whole week until the Friday of the next week.

Her husband looked for her but she was found nowhere. On Friday, when she returned home, he was furious at her but she brought him the fish alive from the jar and gathered the folk before him to narrate her story. Then her husband told his story.

But the folk did not approve of his story since the fish couldn’t have remained alive all this while, if his wife was right. He was imprisoned and mocked at by many, while he only had tears in his eyes for having trusted his wife blindly who indulged into adultery.

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