The Sons of Yahya Bin Khalid and Saeed Bin Salim Al-Bahili

During the days of Haroon Al-Rashid, Saeed bin Salim Al-Bahili ran into unspeakable debt from all sides and he saw no relief coming from any quarters. Every day, creditors would gather at his residence and demand for the settlement of debts. He took the advice of Abdullah bin Malik Al-Khuza who told him that none could help him but the Barmecides.

Saeed was not happy with the advice and approached Al-Fazl and Jaafar, sons of Yahya bin Khalid who told him that the Allah knew how to help his subjects. In right time and measure, he would offer succour to him. Unhappy Saeed went again to Abdullah and narrated what had happened.

He was told to wait and see. Just then he got news that he had received a note and some goods from the sons of Yahya bin Khalid. The note read that on their representation the Caliph had given, one three hundred thousand dirhams and a thousand thousand dirhams.

Now he had three thousand thousand and three hundred thousand dirhams with added contribution from the two sons to clear off all his debts.

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