The Woman punished for giving Alms to the Poor

Once a King proclaimed that the people of his kingdom would never offer alms to the poor. If any of them did so, he would lose his life. One day, a beggar begged for alms to a woman.

As she showed her fear of losing her hands to the King, he conjured her by the Almighty Allah. Thus, she gave him two crumbs of bread.

Hearing this, the King got her both hands cut off. The same day, the King desired to marry a fair woman who was brought before him. Seeing her ravishing beauty, he married her and they were blessed with a son.

Her fellow wives envied her and lied to their common husband about her adultery. The King left them both in the desert. There when she bent to drink water in the nearby river, her son slipped from her back and fell into the water. As she wept, two men appeared and offered her help.

They brought his son back safe and soon she regained her hands. They then revealed her that her two hands were her two crumbs of bread she offered in alms to the beggar. It was her good deeds that repaid her back. She thanked the Al-mighty Allah.

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