Preparations for the War

Lord Krishna knew that peace negotiations with the Kauravas would fail, in spite of Yudhishthira’s wish. However, by going for the peace talks, Krishna cleverly put the ball in the Kauravas’ court. If the peace talks failed, Duryodhan would be blamed for it. If they succeeded, the Pandavas would get the credit for it. With Duryodhan refusing to part with the kingdom he had taken from the Pandavas, the Pandavas had no choice but to wage war. However, Lord Krishna made master preparations for Mahabharata war. When He was in Hastinapur for peace talks, he took Karna aside and told him about Kunti being his mother. He requested Karna to help his brothers, Pandavas, but Karna turned down His request. Lord Krishna turned to Bhishma. He knew the truth of Karna’s birth, and did not wish for Karna to fight against his brothers. So, Bhishma insulted Karna in the war council. Karna swore not to enter the battlefield until Bhishma died.

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