The Wisest Wizard

Once there was a brilliant wizard who lived in a kingdom. The wizard didn’t have any name. So everyone called him ‘What’s-My-Name’. What’s-My-Name was very good at spell. The three witches who lived in the same kingdom were very jealous of What’s-My-Name because no one came to them for the spell. So, the three jealous witches made a very powerful spell of the winds to blow him off to Neverland. What’s-My-Name wandered alone in Neverland for four days. At last, he found a unicorn grazing in a meadow. It had a beautiful white coat and fluffy wings. When the unicorn heard What’s-My-Name’s story he promised to help him. He flew the wizard on his back and took him to his kingdom. What’s-My-Name made a powerful spell to chase the three witches off the kingdom. He sent the three witches in the three different directions, north, south and west. Thus What’s-My-Name became the wisest wizard of the kingdom.

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