The Water Vat


Long, long ago, there was a man named Sima Guang. He was an outstanding politician and a renowned historian. When he was seven years old, he liked to play in his backyard with his friends Wang Wei, Li Na and Zhang Yong. One day, when they were playing in the yard, Wang Wei said, “I bet I can go up to the top of the vat!” A water vat is a very big tank used for keeping rain water.

Li Na asked him not to go to the top of the vat as it was too high. “It is not too high for me!” said Wang Wei. “Come down here and play,” said SimaGuang. “No, I will go up!” said Wang Wei. He did not listen and went on the top of the water vat. When he was at the top, he called, “Look at me!” and he lifted one of his legs up in the air.

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