Sima Guang Breaks the Vat

“That is good!” said Zhang Yong. Suddenly, he fell into the water-filled vat. “I cannot swim!” he called, “The water is too deep!” He was struggling inside the vat. Everyone was anxious. “We must run for help!” said Li Na. “No! That will take too long!” said Sima Guang. “Then we cannot do anything to help,” yelled Li Na in fear. “Ah!” yelled Zhang Yong in fear, too. Sima Guang remained calm. He saw a big rock and picked it up.

He, then, pounded it hard on the water vat. The vat did not crack. He picked up the rock and hit it again. There was a very small crack this time. He threw it again. Then a bigger crack cropped up! He kept throwing it, again and again, on the vat. All at once, a very big wave of water flew out of the broken water vat. And with the flow of water, out rolled Wang Wei!

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