The Unjust King and the Pilgrim Prince

Once there was an autocratic King, having no mercy for anybody. He used to take four-fifths of the monies of his visitors leaving only one-fifth with each of them. The Almighty declared he should have a son, fortunate and God-favoured, who would renounce the world in his youth which did happen.

One fine day, he entered his father’s capital when the guards stripped his new gown and left him with the old one, to which he cried that he would complain to the King. He wasn’t allowed to talk to him, so he waited. After sometime, the King came out and the pilgrim came in front, made his complaint and persisted to give back his new gown. The King grew furious and threatened to strip his soul and then imprisoned him. Later in the middle of the night, the man prayed to the Allah for justice, overheard by the gaoler who also pitied the poor pilgrim. Suddenly, a fire broke out in the palace. Nothing was spared except the pilgrim and the gaoler, who then released him, and fled with him and the King to another city. This way, the unjust King was left with nothing that he had gained through injustice and treachery.

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