The Closing

During that time, Shahrazad had borne three male children to the King and she was happy that the King had accepted the three children as his. The King had felt ashamed in doubting his wife and was so happy with the three children. Shahrazad asked the King to spare her life because she did not want that the three children should grow up motherless. He called for all the officials, Wazirs and Ministers and honoured the father of Shahrazad, the Wazir, with expensive gifts and fine robes and treasures. King Shahriyar celebrated his re-marriage with Shahrazad for seven days, by calling people from all walks of life. He narrated to his brother about the entire episode of three years of separation from his wife. King Shah Zaman expressed his wish to marry Shahrazad’s sister so that he might establish relation to King Shahriyar. Thus took place the grand marriage of Shahrazad to King Shahriyar and, the sister of Shahrazad, Dunyazad to King Shah Zaman. The Wazir was made Viceroy of Samarkand and he was sent with all pomp and fit for a King. The King had all the stories told but Shahrazad was chronicled by writers as ‘A Thousand Nights and One Night’.

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