The Two Enemies

A long time ago the king of China organized a race among the animals. The first twelve animals were to be selected for a place in the Chinese Zodiac signs. Each animal would have a year named after him. All the animals started practising for the race except the cat and the rat. They were very lazy and didn’t bother to practise. Even on the day of the race, they were sleeping. The ox was their friend, he woke them up and asked them to take part in the race. He took them on his back and started running. When he was about to cross the last hurdle, the rat opened his eyes. He sensed that he had a chance to come in the first twelve. He somehow managed to knock the cat off the ox’s back. And when the ox was about to reach the other side, the rat jumped off and became the first among the winners. Since then the Chinese Zodiac cycle starts with the rat and the ox following him.

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