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One afternoon, Mulla Nasruddin stopped by a tea shop near a lake. He saw a tax officer riding on a fine horse, led by two servants. As the tax officer took a nap inside the tea shop, his servants tied the horse near Mulla and went away. Just then, a rich man was passing by. He saw the horse near Mulla and said, “Sell this horse to me. I will pay you three hundred silver coins.” “Sure, sir!” said Mulla, and he led the horse to him. Once he got the money, Mulla quickly rode off on his donkey. However, when he reached the end of the street, the rich man’s servant nabbed him. “I’ll keep two hundred and fifty coins. You can take fifty coins,” he bribed the servant. “No, I’ll take half and you keep the other half,” said the cunning servant. Mulla agreed and thus, saved himself.

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