The ‘Nothing’


One day, Mulla Nasruddin saw two people arguing near his house. Mulla recognised one of the men as his friend. “What are you two arguing over?” asked Mulla. Mulla’s friend explained, “Mulla, I needed money and borrowed a 100 Thankas from him. When he asked for interest, I said I would pay nothing.” The other man said, “He has paid a 100 Thankas but where is the ‘Nothing’ he had promised?” Mulla understood that the other man was tricky. He said, “Come with me to my house. I will give you ‘Nothing’ on behalf of my friend.” So, all three went to Mulla’s house. “Do you see that pot in that corner? Please bring it to me,” said Mulla. When the other man brought the empty pot, Mulla asked, “What is in it?” “Nothing,” replied the other man. “Take out ‘Nothing’ and put the pot back,” said Mulla. The other man understood that he had met his match and so, he walked away.

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