The Three Pieces of Advice


One day, Mulla Nasruddin overheard a conversation of a short man with a porter at the bazaar. “Carry my boxes and I will give you three  pieces of advice,” said the short man. “I can’t eat your advice,” said the porter and he walked away. Curious Mulla offered to carry his box. “Remember, I’ll pay only three pieces of advice!” said the man. Mulla accepted. After they had covered about one-third of the distance, the man said, “If you have six fingers on any of your feet, don’t wear shoes!” Then, he advised, “If you have beard and moustaches, don’t eat mangoes.” Finally, he advised when he reached his destination, “If you are tall, don’t rent a house in the colony of dwarfs!’ Mulla dumped the box down, breaking everything inside it. “I have an advice for you, too. Do not advise a person who is taller than you are,” said Mulla. He walked away teaching the short man a lesson for cheating poor people.

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