Mulla Knows his Music


Once, a rich Amir invited a great classical musician and all music lovers were expected to gather at his house. As Mulla Nasruddin entered, the guests murmured, “What’s he doing here? He knows nothing about music!” As Mulla sat down next to a guest, he thought, ‘I will find out why the rich listen to classical music.’ Meanwhile, the musician started his recitation and slowly picked up the tempo. “Aa…aa…aa…aa!” he sang the bakartaal and Mulla looked in horror. “Mulla, I never knew you had such deep knowledge of classical music that has moved you to tears!” exclaimed his neighbour guest. “Death always makes me cry! I know this musician is going to die,” Mulla explained. “Believe me; I have seen it. One day, a he-goat at our house got rammed by a mad bull, wounding it fatally. He made the same kind of gurgling noises before dying.” The speechless guest stared at Mulla!

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