The Thief Guest


Once, Mulla was invited to a rich man’s feast. Of all the delicacies served, he particularly liked a dish called, ‘Fish Baghdadi’. After the feast, the rich man asked his chef to write the recipe for Mulla while his servants served dried fruits to the guests. Mulla noticed a guest quietly filling his pockets with the dried fruits. He took a jug full of water and poured it into his pocket. “Friends! Our guest’s pocket has eaten too many dried fruits. One has to drink a lot of water after consuming dried fruits; otherwise it causes constipation,” he explained. Mulla turned the guest’s pocket inside out. The thief guest turned as white as a chalk! The rich man smiled at Mulla and went to the embarrassed guest. He patted on his back and said, “Don’t worry, friend! It happens. It happened to me, too.”

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