No Money for Wife


Once, Mulla Nasruddin’s friend, Akber, advised him to get married. After a long time, Mulla met Akber. Akber asked, “Mulla, how is your married life going on?” “It’s all right!” said Mulla. “Except that my wife is a big spender.” Akber could not believe that Gulzan, a potter’s daughter, would indulge in luxuries. “She demands money every day. Fifty Thankas, hundred Thankas, five hundred Thankas and more Thankas. She gives me a headache. How can I produce all this money? Just imagine!” “Really?” said Akber, “That’s very strange. I thought she was a simple and hard-working woman. That’s why I suggested her to you. Is she crazy about dresses?” “No, she doesn’t buy any dress,” Mulla said. “Then, ornaments?” “No.” “Then, what does she do with all that money?” “How should I know? I never give her any money,” Mulla revealed.

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