The Son of a King and the Ogress

Once a Prince expressed his desire to the King to go hunting. As he was the King’s favourite son, the hunting expedition was arranged for him with a Wazir and several servants to attend on him. They pitched tent in a beautiful place, had a satisfying hunting expedition and were planning to return.

A beautiful gazelle caught the fancy of the Prince. As agreed by the Wazir, the Prince started following and he was lost. The next morning, he saw himself in a desolate town with no people. There, he heard a beautiful crying. She told him her story that she was a princess and was kidnapped by a genie. After the genie had died of thunder, she was left stranded there. The Prince agreed to take her to her palace but on the way he realized that she was a witch and killed her. Then he reached his palace. All this was the making of the cunning Wazir who narrated a false story to the King and he ordered death to his son. But a wise Wazir advised the King not to kill him and narrated a story of how people of two villages destroyed one another for a drop of honey.

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