The Prophet and the Justice of Destiny

There was a beautiful mountain with a river running at the foothill, upon which a Prophet was doing penance. As the Prophet was praying, he saw a horseman stop near the stream, after keeping a bag on the ground.

But when he left, he forgot to take the bag which contained one thousand dinars. After sometime, another man came in to drink water and took away the bag. Then a poor woodcutter stopped by the stream and after quenching his thirst, sat there to rest.

Just then the first horseman came to him and asked for the bag. When the woodcutter replied that he did not see it, the first horseman killed him with his sword.

This saddened the Prophet and he cried out to the Allah, “Why was such injustice done to the woodcutter?” The Allah replied that it was nemesis catching up with each one of them. The woodcutter had killed the first horseman’s father and the son had taken revenge.

And the father of the second horseman had lost one thousand dinars to the father of the first horseman which was restored. Therefore, God said, “No one can escape destiny and whatever happens is for a reason.”

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