Al-Hajjaj and the Pious Man

Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Sakafi was always in pursuit of a notable man for a long time. One day when the man he was after was brought before him, he immediately ordered his men to arrest him and send him to the jail. He was ordered to be chained and the blacksmith was brought to fix the chain with nails so that the prisoner might not escape.

Every time, the blacksmith gave a stroke on the chain, the man shouted looking towards the heaven that all the cre-ations and all the empires are the hard work of Gods. After securing the man to the chains, the jailor left a guard and went home. When he came in the morning he found the chain broken and the man missing.

He feared that Al-Hajjaj would put him to death for the dereliction of duty. After going home, he picked up some perfumes to be sprayed upon his dead body when he would be done to death. When he went to meet the King, he enquired about the perfume and the details of the escape of the man. When he heard the story, he told the jailor that the man who called out to God when hammer was struck, was saved by the same God.

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