The Pied Piper of Hamelin | World Famous Fairy Tales

There was a beautiful town named Hamelin, situated on the bank of River Weser in Germany.
But the people of this town were scared of rats.

The rats were destroying clothes, books and the food of the town people. The town people had grown
really tired of rats but were unable to do anything.

The Town Mayor called an emergency meeting to resolve the issue of rats.

“I can help you,” a stranger shouted from the crowd. The councillors of the Mayor saw the man holding a golden pipe in his hand.

The man introduced himself as Pied Piper to the Mayor. He demanded one thousand Guiders but the matter was settled for five hundred guiders.

The Pied Piper started playing a tune with his pipe. Hearing it all the rats slowly came out from their holes and started following him.

The Pied Piper went down to the river. The rats jumped into the river and were drowned in the water.

The people were amazed and happy as they had never seen such a wonderful scene.

After finishing his task, the Pied Piper went to the Mayor to collect his fees, but the Mayor backed out of his promise.

The Pied Piper went out hurriedly, angry and upset. He started thinking of some way to take the revenge.

He again started playing his pipe more melodiously. This time, all the children of the town came out and started following him.

The Pied Piper took them to a cave which was situated out of the town.

He himself didn’t go inside. Putting children in he closed the door of the cave.

All the worried town people started requesting him for their children.

The Mayor also heard of it. Now he realised his blunder and begged forgiveness of
the Pied Piper. He paid him double the fees and requested him to bring the children back.

The Pied Piper accepted his request and money and brought all the children back to the town. The
atmosphere was filled with joy. Everyone lived happily thereafter.

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