The Mother and Wasted Milk

This story is about a mother who had a 5-year old son. Once her son was trying to remove a milk-bottle from the upper shelf of their bedroom, when he lost his grip on the bottle and the milk spilled over the entire floor. Soon there was an out-and-out sea of milk. When his mother came inside, she did not yell at him or punished him. She instead began something like this:

“Husain, what a great mess you have made! I have never seen such a huge pool of milk on the floor before. Now since the damage has already been done and before we clean it up, would you like to play in the milk for some time?”

The boy rejoiced and started playing in the milk. After a few minutes, his mother interrupted and said to him that whenever he made a mess like this, he would have to clean it up eventually so that everything might be restored in its place. She then asked him if he would like to use a towel or a mop for cleaning the floor. He chose the towel. Both the mother and her son cleaned up the floor together.

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