The Magic Drink

Once a man and his wife received a letter from their son who was working in another country. In the letter, he informed them that he loved and missed them a lot but was unsure when he could come back home due to the work pressure. However, until then, he was sending a bottle of a magic drink he had invented himself, for them to try that would make them younger. He longed to see his mother and father in the same age when he left them for work. At the end of the letter, there was a Note: “Please take only one drop.”

They then found a bottle with a purple coloured drink in the envelope. When they took a drop each, they indeed turned 10-years younger. Several years hence when the son returned home, he found his mother much younger carrying a baby on her shoulders. She then informed him how the magic drink worked wonders to her. The son was very happy and asked about his father. She then informed him that his father was so jealous to find her young that he drank the whole bottle. Now she was carrying his father on her shoulders.

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