The Moon Cake


Once, a little boy had a cake that a big boy envied. Planning to get the cake, the big boy said, “The cake would be prettier if it were like the moon.” The little boy gave the cake to the big boy to make the necessary changes. The big boy took out a mouthful of cake, leaving a crescent with uneven edge. The little boy was not happy with the change and began weeping. The big boy consoled him by saying that he would make the cake into a half moon.

So he ate the sides of the crescent and nibbled the edge smooth. But when the half-moon was made, the little boy noticed that there was hardly any cake left, and he again began crying. The big boy then said that, just before the new moon is seen, the old moon disappears. Then, he quickly gobbled up the remaining cake and left the little boy waiting for the new moon.

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