Quench Thirst by Thinking of Plums


Cao Cao thought for a while and said, “No, we do not have time.” He looked at the woods in front and thought for a while. He said to the guide, “Don’t say anything; I will find a way.” Cao Cao knew that even if he ordered his soldiers to speed up, it would not work. Cao Cao mounted on his horse and rushed to his army. He took his whip pointed to the front and said, “Soldiers, there is a large grove of plum trees ahead.

The plums are big and juicy. Let’s hurry up with our journey. We just need to pass this hill and we will reach the plum trees!” When the soldiers thought of the juicy plums, their mouths watered and at that moment, they did not feel so thirsty. Cao Cao, at once, ordered his troops to march on. They came to a big river. Everyone drank the water and continued with his journey.

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