The Lazy Jack

“Jack, look, you have stained your shirt with paint again,” exclaimed Mummy as she entered the room. Jack was at his table furiously running his brush over a sheet of paper. He didn’t even hear his mom come inside. “Oh no, you have ink all over your face and hands!” she lamented. “Go and wash yourself!” she said, “you must be careful!” “N-Nooo!” screamed Jack. He hated having a bath. Mummy quickly thought of a plan. She filled a big tub with soap and bubbles and lots of hot water. Jack was hiding under the bed. Mummy had to drag him and take him to the bathroom. She scrubbed him with soap and made him sit in the tub. “Jack, I’ll be back in a while,” she said. Jack stretched himself into a nice position and lay in the tub. “Ahhhh! This is not so bad after all, he thought. Guess what!” When Mummy came back, Jack was fast asleep! Mummy picked him up and wrapped him in a big towel. She pulled on a pair of pyjamas and tucked him in bed. “I love you,” said Mummy and kissed him goodnight.

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