The Land of Fairies


Back home, when the eldest son did not return, the dying widow sent her second son to find the brocade. When he reached the mountain pass, he too found the old woman. She told him the story, and like his brother, he also took the box of gold and headed to the city, alone. Another month passed away and the second son also did not return. Now, the youngest son set off to look for the brocade. When the old woman told him the story, he immediately agreed for the journey.

The old woman turned the white stone horse into a real one. Next, he and the horse galloped towards east. The youngest son went through the Flame Mountain, and crossed the icy sea and reached the land of fairies. There, he found fairies weaving copies of his mother’s brocade. He asked them to return his mother’s brocade. “Tonight we will finish and you may take your mother’s brocade,” they said. The fairies fed him and let him rest.

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