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A pack of wolves was wandering in the forest. Suddenly, they noticed a child lying in the
woods. They thanked the Almighty because Sherkhan was not near the child.

They picked the child and brought him to their cave. It was not difficult to understand that his parents fell prey to Sherkhan. The wolves christened him ‘Mowgli’.

The father wolf consulted his wife as to how to keep Mowgli safe from Sherkhan. At last, they decided to keep Mowgli safe from Sherkhan anyhow.

The wolf family also discussed with Baloo, the Bear and Bagheera, the Panther, about the safety of Mowgli. They all agreed to save Mowgli from Sherkhan at any cost.

Mowgli was growing up in the forest with other friendly animals. The wolves taught him the language of the forest. Baloo explained rules and regulations and Bagheera taught him defence against enemy. But Sherkhan was still looking for an opportunity.

One day, Mowgli was wandering in the forest. Suddenly, a troop of monkeys came there and started teasing Mowgli. Rana, the Eagle, looked at the scene silently.

Flying fast Rana reached Bagheera and Baloo to inform them about the grim situation. It told them that the monkeys were teasing Mowgli.

Baloo and Bagheera at once ran towards that spot. On the way their friend Caw, the snake, also joined them.

With great efforts they shooed the monkeys away. Mowgli watched the scene in amazement. Some monkeys were lying there injured and the rest fled.

One day, the wolf family with Bagheera, Baloo and Mowgli were talking to one another. Suddenly, Sherkhan
reached there and asked for Mowgli, who was sitting near the firepot.

Mowgli at once threw the firepot towards Sherkhan. Sherkhan ran away scared. Now the wolves advised Mowgli to go back to human beings because his life had been in danger there.

With a heavy heart Mowgli took leave of them and reached a village downwards the hills.

A wolf cub regularly came to the village to inform Mowgli about the happenings of the forest. Mowgli with the wolf cub made a plan to kill Sherkhan with the help of bulls.

Soon, they got the opportunity, when they saw Sherkhan passing through a narrow valley.

They set free the bulls from both the ends of the valley. Sherkhan was trampled to death by the runaway bulls. As a result, the wicked died.

Now, Mowgli was fearless. He lived happily with his friends in the jungle.

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