The Halloween Night and the Pirates

A big pirate ship dropped anchor on a remote island on the Halloween night. There were three pirates in the ship and all three had big pumpkin heads! They were searching for a treasure. But alas! They found nothing! Just when they were about to give up and return to the ship, they heard some children laughing. The Captain’s eyes gleamed in excitement. The pumpkin pirates saw children, dresses as witches and ghosts, distributing candies. While coming out they heard the sound of drums from another house and went to see what it was. Here the family members were dressed in military uniform and playing drums. “My! My! What wonderful costumes you have! Happy Halloween!” said one of the pirates. The pirates went off to their ship happily and rummaged the bags for gifts. But lo! It had only sand. “And these are not candies either, but pebbles!” cried another pirate. “How dare they cheat us? Let’s go and get them!” said Captain Pumpkin angrily. When they reached the spot they found that the children had left, the sound of drums had ceased and surprisingly there were no houses either.

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