Once, there lived a greedy hippo. He ate the food of all the animals.

One day, after eating his breakfast, the hippo went to have a bath. He carried his swimming tube with him.

But the hippo was fat, so he got stuck in the tube. He began to shout, “Help! Help! Please pull me out!”

The animals heard the hippo crying and rushed to pull him out. The animals pulled and pulled. Finally, they succeeded.

Out he popped. The hippo did not thank the animals. He ran past them and ate all their food.

The animals were angry and decided to teach him a lesson. They baked bread with
fish and soap for him.

The animals gave the bread to the hippo and said, “We have made this bread, especially for you.” Happily, he ate the bread.

Soon, the hippo felt some trouble in his stomach. He got to know that the animals had tricked him. The hippo learnt his lesson.

The hippo never ate the food of the other animals and lived happily with them.

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