Once, there was a beautiful kingdom around a lake.

In summer days, there was no rain and the lake dried up. People grew anxious and went to the King. The King decided to go in search of water.

After several days, he reached the Iced Cold Mountain. There, he saw an old woman. The King told her about the dried lake in his kingdom.

The old woman gave him a big piece of icicle and said, “With this your kingdom will always have water.” The King took the icicle and rode off to his kingdom.

By the time he reached his kingdom, the big icicle had become a small lump of ice. No one in the kingdom hadb ever seen the ice before. They called the ice ‘Water Seed’.

The King ordered the farmers to dig a hole and plant the seed. When the seed was placed in the hole, it melted and vanished.

The farmers dug the hole deeper and deeper in search of the ‘Water Seed’ all night. But the farmers couldn’t find the ‘Water Seed’. Tired, they all fell asleep.

Next morning, the King came and saw the farmers sleeping. He peeped into the hole and shouted with joy, “The seed has sprouted.”

There was water in the hole! This is how the first well was created.

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