The First Calendar, Son of a King

“Madam, I am basically the son of a king. My very close cousin in the neighbouring country once informed me over his secretly-constructed building and that he wished to show it to me, subject that I be faithful and kept his secret. He then instructed me to take her beautiful lady princess to a certain tomb, and wait until he came.

He joined us with a small vessel of water, a pickaxe and some plaster. They escaped through a route of spiral staircase, bidding me off with gratitude but no rationale.

On my return, I found that the grand wazir had taken over the kingdom by killing my father and relatives. He destroyed my right eye as I was the cause for his losing his eye in childhood. I was spared by my executioners. I travelled to my uncle’s kingdom; we set out to trace my cousin. After finding his half-burnt body with that of the princess, my uncle’s kingdom was also captured by the wazir. For safety, I shaved my beard and eyebrows and wore a calendar dress, and travelled to the powerful Caliph, Haroon Al-Rashid’s kingdom for help. I came across these two similarly-dressed calendars and came across your place.”

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