The City of Many Columned Iram

Once Abdullah bin Abi Kilabah went towards the deserts of Al-Yaman in the search of his lost she-camel when he came across a city of palaces and buildings but with no people.

 The palaces were full of precious stones, pearls and gold that Abdullah carried some home. The Caliph of Al-Hajjaj also came to know of these treasures from Abdullah.

Shaddad, the son of Ad the Greater, had built the palaces made of precious stones and gold as he wanted to build something for his future. Being the King of the entire world, Shaddad had ordered all the kings under him to bring all precious stones for building the city of his dreams.

 It took 300 years to build the palaces and another 20 years to complete it. He wanted to make a journey, the preparations for which took another twenty years. However, before Shaddad could return, the Allah de-stroyed all men and Shaddad who were unbelievers. He also closed the entry for the city until the day of judgement.

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