Krishna and Sudama

Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While Lord Krishna ruled Dwarka, Sudama led a life of poverty. One day, his wife could not bear to see their children hungry and said, “Can’t you ask Lord Krishna for help?” Sudama agreed but decided that he would not ask Krishna for anything. Then, Sudama’s wife borrowed some puffed rice from a neighbour and gave it to Sudama as a gift for Krishna. When Sudama came to Dwarka, Krishna was overjoyed! Then, He saw his pouch and snatched it from his hand. “Puffed rice! My favourite dish!” said Krishna, and He ate a handful of rice greedily. Before He could take a second handful, Rukmini stopped Him saying, “One mouthful will give him all that he needs, my Lord!” The next morning, Sudama left Dwarka. As he approached his house, he saw a grand mansion. His wife and children came out, wearing jewels and fine clothes. He thanked Lord Krishna with tears in his eyes.

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