The City of Labtayt

In the royal city of Labtayt, a new King of the Greeks used to set a new and strong lock upon the tower until there were 4 and 24 locks on the gate, apropos the number of Kings.

One day, a certain man not from the royal house intended to open these locks to see what was within the tower. The kingdom grandees forbade him and pressed him to leave the town, when the man persisted that the place ought to be opened. Thus, he pulled off the locks. When they all entered inside, they found the Arabs’ figures on their horses and camels with swords in baldrick-belts and long lances in their hands. Alongside, there was a scroll reading; whosoever will open this door will conquer this country.

 A raid of the Arabs with the likeness of the figures depicted there. Thereafter, they found many spectacular things inside the towers, including the crowns of pearls and jacinths, vessels full of gold and silver, emerald-embedded table of food for the Prophet of Allah, Psalms written on the leaves of gold bezel’d and a mappa mundi figuring the earth and the seas, and different countries of the world. The man dispatched all these things to the then Greek King, Waleed bin Abd Al-Malik and the Arabs of the cities of Andalusia.

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