Satyabhama Humbled

In desperation, Satyabhama rushed to Rukmini’s private chambers and requested for help. Rukmini plucked a single leaf of tulsi (sacred basil) and went to the weighing scales. Praying to Krishna, Rukmini placed the single tulsi leaf on all the piled up wealth. The plate on which Krishna sat flew up and remained underbalanced! “Try removing your riches, Satyabhama,” Krishna said, smilingly. Satyabhama removed all her riches until nothing but the single tulsi leaf sat on the plate. Yet, it weighed more than Krishna. “You gave all your riches to me, but there was no devotion in that offering. But Rukmini offered me a tulsi leaf with utmost love and devotion,” said Krishna, and He left with His wives. Satyabhama was humbled. With tears in her eyes, she said to Narada, “Thank you for teaching me this lesson today. I will never underestimate the power of devotion and love towards Lord Krishna.” Narada smiled and left Dwarka, chanting Lord Krishna’s name.

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