The Animals


Inside the cave, they saw a mass of precious stones and jewels which glowed. The cave belonged to a wolf and a fox. The girls lay down and fell asleep. During the night the wolf and the fox came back home. The wolf said, “Let’s go to bed and sleep.” But the fox said, “Let’s lie down in the cauldrons on the fire. There is still some warmth in them.”

One of the cauldrons was of gold and the other of silver. So, they lay down in them. In the morning, when the girls woke up, they were frightened to see the fox and the wolf lying there. They covered the cauldrons and kept many big stones on the lids so that the wolf and the fox might not get out again. Then, they lit the fire. The wolf and the fox felt that it was a nice warm morning. But soon, they felt too hot.

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